Elevator Type


We'll protect the dignity of the building with state-of-the-art parking facility.

Introduction of Elevator Type

It is a parking system designed to transport and park vehicles automatically by cage (carrier) in order to move up and down in a fixed parking section deployed with several floors, often called a parking tower.

It is suitable for a medium and large buildings or parking building, has fast drive-in and drive-out, has a lower or intermediate drive-in type depending on the location of drive-in and drive-out, and has stand-alone and building built-in type according to the type of installation.


  • Vehicle drive-in & drive-out are fast due to the applying of the high-speed Vecta control lifting system.
  • The spatial efficiency is very high with 1.61m of story height.
  • Double and triple safety apparatus is equipped providing an excellent safety.
  • The vehicle drive-in & drive-out are very convenient because it is performed in forward-type on the built-in turn table.
  • It is very comfortable with low-noise and low-vibration design for any purpose.
  • As computer-integrated management, it is possible to view the work status at a glance and is very easy to operate.