Mini-Rotary Type


We’ll protect the dignity of the building with state-of-the-art parking facility.

Introduction of Mini-Rotary Type

It is a parking system designed to park the vehicle after enter and park the vehicle in a parking section (cage), and then to rotate the cage vertically and transversely, which is often called mini-rotary type.

It is easy to install in a small area or a small piece of land, and there is no failure due to using a simple circular circulation type. It is not necessary to have a manager and can be operated by the driver. And since it is also recognized as a structure, it is excluded from the building coverage.

·Characteristics and Advantages

  • 7 to 8 vehicles can be parked on the parking area of 2 vehicles.
  • It doesn't be applied to the building-to-land ratio.
  • It does not require an administrator due to simple one-touch manipulation.
  • It rotates selectively in a close direction, resulting in a shorter drive-in & drive-out time.
  • The safety system is perfect, including palette fall prevention.
  • It is manufactured in compliance with the strict technical standards of Family Park, world famous company of Japan. (Technical partnership product)