Parallel Return Type


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Parallel Return Type

It is a parking system designed to transport and park the vehicle automatically by up and down moving of lift, and by reciprocating motion of carrier (kit) in parking section of several floors deployed with plane, which is often called a cart type

It is suitable for medium and large buildings or public facilities, and has a wide range of application from 20s to thousands vehicles, especially suitable for large scale applications. Two or more vehicles can be possible of drive-in and drive-out simultaneously, and longitudinal and transverse deployment can be selected according to the condition of sites.


  • As it is moved by the individual operation of carts and lifts of each story, the vehicle drive-in & drive-out are very fast.
  • It's possible to move freely in the space of underground, and easy to install large-scale facilities for thousands of vehicles.
  • It is convenient to use since it does not affect other parts in the case of a partial failure.
  • It maximizes comfort due to driver-centric design.
  • Double and triple safety apparatus is equipped providing an excellent safety.
  • As integrated management by computer and touch-screen, it is possible to view the work status at a glance and is very easy to operate.