Lift Slide Type


We’ll protect the dignity of the building with state-of-the-art parking facility.

Introduction of lift slide type

System to drive-in and drive-out the vehicle on the parking section of right and left such as automatic warehouse, proceeding simultaneously the lift and driving of trans way.

Since the location of the entrance and exit can be installed on any floor, it can be done smoothly for utilization of underground space and deployment of moving line.

·Characteristics and Advantages

  • The drive-in and drive-out time will be greatly reduced by the proceeding lifting and driving simultaneously. (Average 1 Min.)
  • Since the lift can be added and operated in combination, it is very easy to install the entrance and exit.
  • The parking lot is shaped as concrete to be semi-permanent and easy for maintenance without palette.
  • In case of planning a new building, as the height of parking lot is low (1,900mm), it can maximize the reduction and utilization of underground story height.
  • The parking lot can also be formed by steel frame. (Capable of shortened construction period)