Trolley Type


We’ll protect the dignity of the building with state-of-the-art parking facility.

Trolley Type

It is a system to drive-in and drive-out the vehicle by lifter which is formed vertically from the vehicle entrance and exit story to ground of parking lot, and by trolley that moves independently in the respective layer of parking lot.

As it is possible to deploy the entrance and exit flexibly, it can utilize the space of underground story and respond to moving plan of vehicles effectively.

·Characteristics and Advantages

  • Increase of the number of parking vehicles, and smooth moving line.
  • Maximizes the utilization of underground story in case of planning new buildings
  • As the parking lot is formed of concrete, it is semi-permanent and easy for maintenance.
  • There is no palette, and as the drive-in and drive-out can be done simultaneously, time is dramatically reduced.
  • The parking lot can also be formed by steel frame. (Capable of shortened construction period)

·Standards Items

Items L Type E Type
Lift Driving Type Rope or Chain
Electric Motor Max, 22kw
Speed Max, 90m/min
Trolley Driving Max, 3.7kw, max, 90m/min
Vertical Moving Max, 5.5kw, 15sec/cycle
Electric Capacity Max, 50KVA Max, 70KVA